Hello 2018

I have been busy making aeroplanes. Besides this, I also contributed to a few interesting musical projects in 2017. Here are some of them. Please do check the updated Spotify playlist! (now over 1000 tracks!)

Marius Neset – Circle of Chimes. Rave reviews, and nominated for a norwegian grammy in 2018.

Phronesis and HR Big Band – The Behemoth. Wonderful album, arranged by Julian Arguelles. Mixed at my studio.

Efterklang – LEAVES – Neo-Opera tour of Europe

Daniel Herskedal – The Roc. Album recording and Mix. Review here

Henrik Lindstrand – Leken Solo Piano Album recording, mixing and live concerts.

Carsten Dahl 50-year jubilee All Star Band with Palle Mikkelborg, Marilyn Mazur, Mikkel Nordsø, Frederik Lundin, Lars Danielsson, Claus Menzer. Three concerts i Denmark.

Music Music Music – Äventret. Album Mix.

“Æ sa at du sa” – Norwegian childrens musical, with Ambulo Ensemble Simfonietta. I did the sound design for the live show and mixed the audio for the film.

Jonas Colstrup – Between Sound and Silence. Recording and mix.

Anna Kruse – Himlens Rand. Production and mix .  Danish review here

Reverse – Museum. Recording and mix.

Anna Scharling – Album Mix. Review here

Lilly feat. Gilad Hexelmann. Duo Album recorded and mixed.  Review here

Dreamers’ Circus. Upcoming album “Rooftop Sessions” recorded and mixed.

Basco – Album “Interesting Times” recorded and mixed.

Update 2016

One more year was added to the archives… 2015 was the year that brought me to AIR Studios and Abbey Road Studios to work. Legendary temples of sound – very inspiring places filled with nice music and people. I feel blessed and thankful. And I want to go there again!

I also built a sound temple for myself – a brand new control room with skylight windows and sweet acoustics. Come visit me.

Highlights 2015:

Phronesis – Album Recording @ Abbey Road Studios (not yet released)

Marius Neset  – Album Recording @ Air studios (not yet released)

Simon Toldam – Kig op 15 – Album recoring and mix

Emil de Waal+ Old News – Album Mix

Jesper Thorn – Album recording and mix (not yet released)

Hayden Powell –Album recording and mix

Nikki Iles/Norma Winstone/mark Lockheart/Printmakers – Album Mix

Samuel Hällkvist – Album Mix

Psalmodie – Album Mix

Anna Scharling – EP/Album Mix

Gustaf Ljunggren – Gudman koncert – FOH sound

Barskiri – Album Mix

Jacob Bellens – FOH sound

Efterklang Leaves Koncert – FOH sound

Morfar and the Ladykillers – Mix for video

Danmarks Radios Big Band – FOH sound

Thomas Buttenschøn – Album Mix



Update 2015

No updates in a while – busy times in the studio. Here are a few things that 2014 brought along:

Phronesis – Life to everything (Edition) – rave review here

Marius Neset – Pinball (ACT) NEW ALBUM OUT february 2015!

Marius Neset feat Trondheim Jazz Orchestra – Lion (ACT) Review here

Jakob Buchannan feat Jakob Bro, Jonas Westergaard & Marilyn Mazur)  “Some people some places” Review here

Hanne Boel – Live Sound

Daniel Herskedal – “Slow Eastbound Train” (Edition) Release 2015

Midaircondo – New album to be released in 2015

Lindha Kallerdahl – GOLD Review here

Caroline Henderson – “In the House” Denmark Tour

Copenhagen Jazz Festival – Live Sound


Thank you, 2013!

Thank you everybody for an epic 2013! Many inspiring projects, and a lot of good music!

dma2013 logo


To top it all off – two projects I was invloved in were given Danish Music Awards:

Dreamers Circus – Danish Folk Release of the year

Emil de Waal + feat. Nulle – Danish Jazz Release of the year

Happy times!


Other highlights of the year:


Marius Neset – good reviews of the Album “Birds” and great live shows

Marius Neset and Trondheim Jazzorkester. Upcoming album Recording and Mix. To be released on the ACT label in 2014.

Falullah – release of album “Escapism

Hanne Boel – live shows

Daniel Herskedal – Recording and mixing the album “Dagane” Review here

Cody – mixing of new album out in 2014

Yun Kan 10 – album mix

Søren Dahl feat Oskar Gudjunsson – Album Mix – Review here

Mark Solborg, On Dog – Album Mix

Lubos Soukup – upcoming Album Mix

Niels Lyhne Løkkegard – “Sikorsky” – Album Mix and music recording/mixing for online Magritte exhibition of MoMA -NYC.

Simon Toldam Orkester – upcoming Album Mix

Hot and Spicy – Live Album Mix – Review here:

Danjal – album Recording

Samuel Hällkvist – “Return to Center” Recording and Mixing. Review here:

Nils Berg Cinemascope – Album/Film “Vocals” Mixing.

Midaircondo – upcoming Album Mix

Gunnar Halle – upcoming Album Mix

Claus Frovin – “Limbo” Album Mix

Phronesis – upcoming live Album Mix

Nina Baun – upcoming Album Recording and Mix

Copenhagen Jazz Festival – Live sound engineering

Danish National Radio Big Band -Live sound engineering


April status:

While I am busy working on new projects, a handful of things I was involved in last year, have been released:

Marius Neset – Birds

A new album form the norwegian saxophone wizard.
A whole lot of good reviews so far.
The Guardian is happy about it. So is The Jazzmann.







Fallulah – Escapism

New album from danish artist Fallulah. Most of it is recorded at my studio.
I play some of the instruments.
If you ever wondered how an U67 sound of female vocal, listen to this.
Danish review here.



And check the “References” page, for prevoious projecs.


Thank you, 2012:

Here are some of the people I worked with in 2012. Thank you all, looking forward to seeing you again in 2013.

BoogiePost Records
Copenhagen Jazz Festival
Daniel Herskedal
Dave Stapleton
Edition Records
Emil de Waal
From Sarah
Gustaf Ljungren
HOOB Records
Jakob Bro
Jacob Buchannan
Josefine Lindstrand/Britah
Kaspar Vig
Kenny Wheeler
Klüvers Big Band
Mads Beldring
Marilyn Mazur
Marius Neset
Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard
Oskar Schönning
Samuel Hällkvist
Sara Grabow
Simon Toldam Trio
Sony Music
Wildbirds & Peacedrums