Hello 2018

I have been busy making aeroplanes. Besides this, I also contributed to a few interesting musical projects in 2017. Here are some of them. Please do check the updated Spotify playlist! (now over 1000 tracks!)

Marius Neset – Circle of Chimes. Rave reviews, and nominated for a norwegian grammy in 2018.

Phronesis and HR Big Band – The Behemoth. Wonderful album, arranged by Julian Arguelles. Mixed at my studio.

Efterklang – LEAVES – Neo-Opera tour of Europe

Daniel Herskedal – The Roc. Album recording and Mix. Review here

Henrik Lindstrand – Leken Solo Piano Album recording, mixing and live concerts.

Carsten Dahl 50-year jubilee All Star Band with Palle Mikkelborg, Marilyn Mazur, Mikkel Nordsø, Frederik Lundin, Lars Danielsson, Claus Menzer. Three concerts i Denmark.

Music Music Music – Äventret. Album Mix.

“Æ sa at du sa” – Norwegian childrens musical, with Ambulo Ensemble Simfonietta. I did the sound design for the live show and mixed the audio for the film.

Jonas Colstrup – Between Sound and Silence. Recording and mix.

Anna Kruse – Himlens Rand. Production and mix .  Danish review here

Reverse – Museum. Recording and mix.

Anna Scharling – Album Mix. Review here

Lilly feat. Gilad Hexelmann. Duo Album recorded and mixed.  Review here

Dreamers’ Circus. Upcoming album “Rooftop Sessions” recorded and mixed.

Basco – Album “Interesting Times” recorded and mixed.