Update 2016

One more year was added to the archives… 2015 was the year that brought me to AIR Studios and Abbey Road Studios to work. Legendary temples of sound – very inspiring places filled with nice music and people. I feel blessed and thankful. And I want to go there again!

I also built a sound temple for myself – a brand new control room with skylight windows and sweet acoustics. Come visit me.

Highlights 2015:

Phronesis – Album Recording @ Abbey Road Studios (not yet released)

Marius Neset  – Album Recording @ Air studios (not yet released)

Simon Toldam – Kig op 15 – Album recoring and mix

Emil de Waal+ Old News – Album Mix

Jesper Thorn – Album recording and mix (not yet released)

Hayden Powell –Album recording and mix

Nikki Iles/Norma Winstone/mark Lockheart/Printmakers – Album Mix

Samuel Hällkvist – Album Mix

Psalmodie – Album Mix

Anna Scharling – EP/Album Mix

Gustaf Ljunggren – Gudman koncert – FOH sound

Barskiri – Album Mix

Jacob Bellens – FOH sound

Efterklang Leaves Koncert – FOH sound

Morfar and the Ladykillers – Mix for video

Danmarks Radios Big Band – FOH sound

Thomas Buttenschøn – Album Mix