Marius Neset – Birds – Album Recording and Mix. Occasional Live Sound.

 – Album Mix

Fredrik Ljungkvist/Yun Kan 10 -TEN – Album Mix

Afenginn – Lux – Album Recording and Mix

Fallulah – Escapism – Album Recording, Guitar, Bass, Trombone, Trumpet, Keyboards

Søren Dahl – Pipe Dreams – Album Mix

Alexi Tuomarila Trio – Album Mix

Kaspar Vig – Ærlige Løgne – Album Mix


Herskedal/Neset – Neck of The Woods – Album Recording and Mix

Cody -Fractures – Album Mix

Phronesis – Walking Dark – Album Recording and Mix

Dave Stapleton – Flight – Album Recording and Mix

Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard – Vesper – Album Recording and Mix

Samuel Hällkvist – Variety of Loud – Album Recording and Mix

From Sarah – Album Mix

Musik i Nord-Trøndelag – Live Sound

Little Red Big Bang – Album Recording and Mix


Buttenschøn/Aakjær Spring Tour

Gus by Heart – Album Mix

Hammer/Herskedal – Album Mix

The Splendor – Album Recording & Mix

Midaircondo feat. Michala Østergaard-Nielsen – Album Mix

Le Système – Album Mix

Parti&Minut – Album Mix

Phronesis – London Jazz Festival

Dreamers Circus + Storstrøms Kammerensemble – Live sound

Copenhagen Jazz Festival – Live sound

Wildbirds & Peacedrums – Australia Tour, Europe Tour

Søren Dahl Jeppesen – Album Mix

Nils Berg Cinemascope – Album Mix

Marius Neset Album out on Edition Records. Recorded and mixed by yours truly.

Kairos 4tet – Album out on Edition Records. Mixed @ my place.

Josef & Erika – Floods  – Album mix and add. recording



Wildbirds & Peacedrums – Touring and Live concert mix for Swedish National Radio

Falgren/Busk Duo  – Album mixed @ my place

Phronesis – Live Album “Alive” – Mixed @ my place

Lundakarneval 2010 – Karnevalsmelodi – Produced, Recorded and Mixed

Drott og Marsk – Album – Mixed @ my place

Annika Aakjær – Album Missionær – Mixed @ my place

Samuel Hällkvist Center – Jazz i Sverige 2010.


Phronesis – Danish/Brittish piano trio. Album Green Delay – Out Now. I recorded and mixed it.

Adam Waldmann
Brittish composer – saxophone player. Album out now. I mixed it.

Thus: Owls – Album Cardiac Malfunctions out now. I played the mighty horn and I mixed it.

Wildbirds & Peacedrums

I kinda work with these guys all the time. When not producing and mixing their albums, I tour with them. Which is really a lot of fun.

The Stoner – Album Hat music. I mixed it.

Hot and Spicy – Album Female intuition out. I mixed it.

  • Reviews here, in norwegian, 6 out of 6:-)

Josefine Lindstrand Swedish government´s definition of Jazz in 2009;-)
I recorded the album. Tour coming up.

Loney Dear
I tour with them from time to time. They´re great guys.

Norway and Denmark unite. I mixed the album.

People are Machines
New album in the making, one day it will actually be finalized. Nobody knows when, though… I will mix it.


Nils Janson Quintet I mixed the album ”Debut”

Hal & Nikolaj – Contemporary folk music. Album Mix.
Debut album “Hal and Nikolaj” won two Danish Music Awards Folk 2009.


Danjal – Faeroe pirate singer with band.
Recording – Producer

Television Pickup – Album Kinescope Mountain

Six City Stompers – Danish jazz´s finest style-benders
Mixer – Producer

Gnags – say no more

Thomas Buttenschøn
Album recording, co-producer

Koop – Swingtronica für alle
FOH sound

Copenhagen Jazzhouse
FOH sound

Daniel Herskedal – Tubaist, Composer
Recording and mixing OST for art film ”the end”


Ryan Blotnick – NYC guitar hero
Recording – Mixing

Sound Laboratorium on v-bronx

Nikolaj Wolf – Singer-Bass player
Album recording

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