Wrapping up 2009

Merry Christmas!

It has been a really intense fall this year. A few highlights:

Jazz in Sweden 2010 – Samuel Hällkvist Center.
For the 3rd year in a row, I work on the selected artists album. I mixed this one. To be released in early 2010.

Mames Babegnush
Danish Kletzmer at its best. We finished recording their 2nd album last week, and I will mix it January.

Little Red Suitcase BigBand
Large-format music with Elena, Johanna and a small big band. Recorded, soon to be mixed.

We Know Music – www.weknowmusic.dk
We made some nice music for som fine commercials this fall.

Blogging is going on

wanngren.com is freesh!

I decided to dismantle the old wanngren.com and put this site up.  I´ll scribble all the good stuff down here as they happen. The “references” page is just updated with recent projects an a bunch of decent reviews. Check the Phronesis ones out. They are very flattering.

I am in the middle of starting a major project up, and I´ll present it more in detail when the basic framework is frozen. It´s exciting.