Edition Records

Just wanna mention Edition Records. They release great records, and I have recorded and/or mixed a few of them:

Adam Waldmann’s Kairos 4tet. The new album ‘Statement of Intent’ is due for release in the UK on 4th April 2011. Adam and I just recently mixed it here in Copenhagen, on my new RME hardware. Very nice indeed.

Marius Neset will release ‘Golden Xplosion’ in April 2011 and will be touring extensively throughout 2011 with his new band featuring Django Bates, Jasper Høiby and Anton Eger. Album mixed at my place.

Phronesis live CD ‘Alive’ (Edition) was chosen as ‘JAZZ ALBUM OF THE YEAR’ in both JAZZWISE and MOJO magazines. I keep on bragging about this one….

Update, 4 DMA´s and new reverb

Fall 2010 wrap-up:


Drott & Marsk are getting a nice buzz, and airplay, since their cassette release (I mixed it)

Tante Andante´s new record was released.

Falgren/Busk Duo won no less than 4 (!) Danish Music Awards. Best Folk New Artist, Best Folk Album, Best Composer, Best Player. I recorded and mixed the album.

Reviewer´s are still raving about the Pronesis Live Album. BBC Music Mag says:”Although a live recording, the sound quality and balance is exemplary” ***** I say thank you.

Astrid Nora´s new album was released.

I aqquired an AKG BX-20, the holy grail of spring reverbs.

In preparation for mix work in december, there will be more studio upgrades coming up. Stay tuned.

Wildbirds & Peacedrums with voices

UPDATE: Tour finished. Everybody happy. Check this 6-star review (In danish)

I will be doing FOH sound for Wildbirds & Peacedrums with on the upcoming tour. Here is the tour plan – hope to see you out therebay-76cd2

02 Oct 2010 20:00 with Voices Tour @ Blå Oslo NORWAY
04 Oct 2010 20:00 with Voices Tour @ Södra Teatern Stockholm, SWEDEN
05 Oct 2010 20:00 with Voices Tour @ Stenhammarsalen Gothenburg, SWEDEN
06 Oct 2010 20:00 with Voices Tour @ Babel, Malmö, SWEDEN
07 Oct 2010 20:00 with Voices Tour @ Babylon, Berlin, GERMANY
09 Oct 2010 20:00 with Voices Tour @ Le Ciel, Grenoble, FRANCE
10 Oct 2010 20:00 with Voices Tour @ Dampfzentrale, Bern, SWITZERLAND
11 Oct 2010 20:00 with Voices Tour @ Café De La Danse, Paris, FRANCE
13 Oct 2010 20:00 with Voices Tour @ Effenaar, Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS
14 Oct 2010 20:00 with Voices Tour @ Jazzhouse, Copenhagen, DENMARK
21 Oct 2010 20:00 with Icelandic/Polish Choir @ Unsound Festival, Krakow, POLAND

No updates for a while – I have been busy;-) I also moved the studio – 4 meters – to the room next to the old place. And I got a sofa:-)

Spring 2010 has been good. Here are a few things I worked on:

Wildbirds&Peacedrums with Voices – Tour (Europe)
Phronesis – Live Album
Drott og Marsk – Studio Album
Listen! with Susanne Lundeng – Tour (Norway)
Marius Neset -Upcoming album
Daniel Herskedal – Upcoming album
Rythmic Music Conservatory – Teaching
Oskar Schönning – Album “Belgrade Tapes”

Wrapping up 2009

Merry Christmas!

It has been a really intense fall this year. A few highlights:

Jazz in Sweden 2010 – Samuel Hällkvist Center.
For the 3rd year in a row, I work on the selected artists album. I mixed this one. To be released in early 2010.

Mames Babegnush
Danish Kletzmer at its best. We finished recording their 2nd album last week, and I will mix it January.

Little Red Suitcase BigBand
Large-format music with Elena, Johanna and a small big band. Recorded, soon to be mixed.

We Know Music – www.weknowmusic.dk
We made some nice music for som fine commercials this fall.